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 e-Fuel Propane Tank Monitoring

Because all tank monitors are not created equal.


Don't just monitor-run smarter! e-Fuel tank monitors include e-Fuel delivery management for tank monitor management, scheduling, routing and mapping. e-Fuel tank monitors provide our delivery management system with fuel usage, local weather and user habit data for far more accurate forecasts.

The e-Fuel low cost tank monitor set consists of a Data Module with  attached sensor that installs on the tank, and a Gateway that installs in the home or office. 


Easy no hassle set up. Most Data Module installations take around 5 minutes. The Gateway is dropped off for the customer to plug in-no home entry required!

e-Fuel propane tank monitors and delivery management system from The Fuel Web.
e-Fuel Tank Monitors include tank monitor management, scheduling, routing and mapping with every purchase

   Tank Monitor-The Data Module

The Most Accurate Tank Monitor

"The Fuel Web had the least variance overall (generally less than 2%)."
PERC 2011 Tank Monitoring Report

Don't settle for 1 reading a week!

e-Fuel tank monitors provide utility grade data collection with readings every 30 minutes for tank level, outside temperature, power level and sensor status. Readings are sent to the Gateway every 3 hours.


e-Fuel tank monitors send alerts and messages every 30 minutes for low level, fill, unusual usage and sensor error.

e-Fuel propane tank monitor installed with Easy Mount Tape Bracket.
The tank monitor installed on a tank using the e-Fuel snap on Tape Bracket.
e-Fuel propane tank monitor installed on a pole.

The Fuel Web tank monitors provide e-Fuel delivery management with 48 readings per day for the most accurate forecasts and the most efficient fuel deliveries.

The e-Fuel tank monitor Smart Power System runs on stored solar energy as a primary power source and switches to a lithium battery as the secondary power source when needed. Our tank monitor operates in low light and no light and has a long lifecycle at 10+ years adding to your savings. 

e-Fuel propane tank monitors with the Smart Power System. e-Pads diagnostic and programming stand.  
Check out e-PaDS. 
Perform factory diagnostic tests and configure settings.

"(The) Fuel Web: The internal battery provides transmissions should the unit lose light, become covered with snow or leaves etc., and the unit is quick to install..."
2011 PERC Tank Monitoring Report

e-Fuel propane tank monitoring.  
The Fuel Web tank monitor may be installed on a tank or pole for maximum flexibility. Installation on a pole reduces interference from snow or obstacles.
e-Fuel tank monitor and snap on Tape Bracket.
For easiest installation
use the e-Fuel snap on Tape Bracket. Peel, stick and go!
 e-Fuel tank monitor installed using cable ties.  

The e-Fuel tank monitor has flexible installation options and can also be installed using U-bolts or cable ties

   Tank Monitor Sensor Options

Attached to the tank monitor Data Module the Universal Sensor uses Dual Hall Effect Sensors to directly track the gauge head magnet for the most accurate float level reading, with a less than 2% variance overall.

Above ground, below ground and storage tank sensors are available. Standard 6' cable easily fits under dome. Cable extensions available in 10,20,50 & 100 foot lengths.  

The Fuel Web  propane storage tank monitor. The Fuel Web above ground propane tank monitor sensor. The Fuel Web  below ground propane tank monitor sensor 
Installation of The Fuel Web above ground propane tank monitor sensor. 

The tank monitor sensor is engineered by The Fuel Web to be easily modified to adapt to any style Jr. or Sr. gauge and fits Rochester, Taylor, Sherwood and obsolete gauge heads.

The Fuel Web propane tank monitor sensor.

   Tank Monitor-The Gateway

Drop Off and Go! The Gateway is easily installed by the customer-plugs in like a phone. The tank monitor Gateway reads and quickly reports low fuel level, unusual fuel usage and low inside temperature enabling customer service to quickly respond to problems. Easily access information 24/7 from any web enabled device. 

Records inside temperature every 30 minutes and receives fuel level, outside temperature and RF link quality every 3 hours.


All data is sent to The Fuel Web servers once per day, or every 30 minutes for alerts.


Retains 8 days of data and settings with no loss of data due to power failure.

The Fuel Web propane tank monitor Gateway is easily installed.  



The tank monitor Data Module and Gateway install independently and the Gateway simply plugs in like a phone.

The Gateway can be set up on a table top or wall mounted.



The Fuel Web propane tank monitor Gateway provides fuel level information from convenience of home.
LCD screen displays fuel level, inside/outside temperature and time.
The Fuel Web store for all e-Fuel Tank Monitoring and Delivery Management products.

   Tank Monitoring Installation Support Specialists

Build the tank monitor system you need. 10 years of installation experience will get your company running on e-Fuel quickly and easily. Start small and add tank monitors slowly, or ramp up fast for large tank monitor installations.

e-Fuel Tank Monitoring Installation Guide

Our tank monitor installation manuals and product guides, along with our experienced personnel for online and phone support, will provide your company with expertise in start up and installation. 

"The unit comes with an excellent Tank Monitoring Installation Pocket Guide with clear step by step instructions..."
2011 PERC Tank Monitoring Report

   Tank Monitoring and e-Fuel Delivery Management Communication

Access tank monitor information 24/7 with e-Fuel Delivery Management

Gateway receives readings from the Data Module(s); supports communication with up to 8 Data Modules in a small geographic area, saving on tank monitor costs.

Reliable data transmissions.
Data Module to Gateway
900 MHz RF, FCC approved
8 data transmissions daily.
Line of site range to 1,100'

 The Fuel Web e-Fuel propane tank monitoring and delivery management communication.

Tank Monitor data is used extensively throughout the e-Fuel delivery management system.

 e-Fuel Lite Delivery Management

Standard with every tank monitor purchase

  • Review Delivery Set
    Review Delivery Set
  • Scheduling Methods
    Scheduling Methods
  • Forecast Chart
    Forecast Chart
  • Map with Options
    Map with Options
  • Tank Monitor Status
    Tank Monitor Status

e-Fuel Lite. Propane tank monitoring and delivery management.